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Customer Review About Our PPS300-2 Portable Power Station

BRIDNA portable power station is designed as outdoor activities/emergency power supply. The small size with big capacity (280Wh/78000mAh) can fulfill your needs in a short trip or be used as a emergency power supply. Multiple output ports (AC, USB, Type-c PD 60W and 12V DC) excellently charge most of your devices, including laptops, phones, tablets, mini fans, mini coolers, drones, LED lights, cameras, CPAP machines, etc. Convenient 4 ways of recharging (solar panel, wall charger, car charger, gas generator) can get juice back easily.

BRIDNA Portable Power station-how to use image

Here is our customers' review:

1.This is a power generator without all of the noise. There is no propane or gasoline thats needed to make this run. It doesn't burn through those and create nasty fumes and noise to you and your neighbors. With this generator, you can have it run for hours and your neighbors will never know. You can even have it run indoors, unlike the traditional generator. I chose this one because its only about 6.5 pounds, and the size is pretty small. Its got a HUGE 78000 mAh battery inside. This will charge your phone so many times, and even keep an LCD TV running for many hours!

2.As mentioned prior, I love the fact this operates silently. The fan comes on only as needed and is not annoying. The display is very helpful. It shows you the battery capacity left, which most generators do. This one, however, also shows you how much power the plugged in devices are drawing, and an estimate of how much longer the generator will lasts with the current draw. This is really helpful in helping you plan your energy use with this device. There are enough USB charging ports on this thing, along with a cigarette power jack and 2 AC ports that are rated at a respectable 300w, 600w peak. The materials used to finish the outside feel good in the hand, especially with the rubber under grip and the rubber feet around the 4 bottom corners. I can't think of anything this is missing yet, and haven't ran into any problems yet

3.I compared seven different power stations (Westinghouse iGen 300s, Jackery 300 & 240, Snugmax 200, BALDR 330, OMORC 300, and BRIDNA 300) across 15 criteria (Wh, display features, outputs, inputs, feedback and cost), and determined the BRIDNA to be the best value; it has all the features that the others collectively have, at a good price. I purchased it primarily to run a Verizon ONT, during a power outage; once I received the power station, I plugged the ONT and wifi modem in separately and the BRIDNA indicated a 12 watt draw on both and an ~ 21 hour run time. This means that I can plug the ONT (in garage) into the power station, and run the wifi modem and computers at the other end of the house with a generator, occasionally recharging the power station from the generator, and have unlimited internet and TV during a power outage; this is a less expensive solution than two $500 generators. If you're interested in powering the ONT and wifi modem and using a laptop computer, this power station can run both plugged in at the same time for 10 hours. Highly recommended.

4.Probably the number one best feature of this particular battery system is that you can run the AC while you were charging it. I have some other brands they do not allow you to charge while you are generating AC. This is great because if you are using it for a solar generator you can get power while you were charging. I know this seems logical that all of them would work this way. But trust me some of them don’t. This one does and it is a huge benefit!
Let’s talk briefly about the display. Number one, you can turn it off. This is huge. If you are say camping or using it for some other type of nighttime activity and you don’t want the display drawing attention or lighting up the room. You just push the button and the display turns off. In the pictures on the Amazon listing, it shows “minutes/hours” that is not how it displays on the display, see pictures. It just says hours. When it’s fully charged it just says 99 hours. However, you plug something in, and instantly it tells you how much time you have. This is great! You don’t have to guess on percentages etc. For instance, when I was charging my drone batteries as soon as I plugged in the charger and started charging one battery it said 32 hours. As the batteries sequentially charged the time went down in a logical manner.
This tells me that the electronics are well-built and the algorithm for determining the length of time left on the battery is well-tuned.

5.Nice little power station. If you want to stay off the grid for long periods of time and keep some of the equipment working, it works well with a larger solar panel. . The perfect combination of size and price When you can’t plug it in, this power station can run almost anything, showing clear, responsive, and providing all the information you need for the unit to have a safe grab handle to drag it along a long journey . I do not recommend charging with a car cigarette lighter as this is the slowest and may only be suitable for long-distance travel Given its size, I can comfortably use a variety of small electronic devices such as led lights, mobile phones such as led lights, mobile phones during a few nights of camping! Even recharged my electric scooter, which is more than I could ever hope for! It not only provides long-lasting power, but also light weight, durable! I’ve borrowed other software before, but haven’t found one as powerful and portable and portable as it is. Overall, it’s a great product, and I absolutely recommend it.

6.Firstly the packaging is top notch with hard foam molded and contoured protection. The box and accessory boxes are totally reusable.This thing has some heft to it! It is not some empty plastic housing. There is obviously a very large battery and incorporated high tech electronics inside of it's sturdy housing.This unit has all the features an off grid user could possibly need! 2x standard USB 5volt 2.4 amp for laptop or tablet plus the modern USB C..for all modern electronic devices. A standard "cigarette lighter 12volt socket for tire inflator etc...all the accessories for hooking up to a solar array for off grid charging. Plus it comes with adapters for any number of electronic devices.It has a beautifully lit display to monitor battery level...charging monitor...even a battery temperature monitor and a really nice 3 mode emergency lighting! Featuring high,medium and SOS. This led work light has a well thought out frosted lens that gives off a pleasent type of light that is not invasive like so many led lanterns can be.....it also has a built in cooling fan if battery needs cooling. The housing is sturdy thick plastic and looks like it will take plenty of punishment. All in all a quality built unit with well thought out features! Excellent product with tremendous customer support! If your looking for a small but incredibly powerful portable power station look no further than the BRIDNA 300WATT LITHIUM ION POWER GENERATOR!

7.I've had it for a few days now. Can't tell if it will last for a long time, but as of right now it works as advertised. All the features work as advertised. It DOES come with a solar DC connector if needed, but I used the one that came with my rockpals 60w solar panel.AC charging works, about 60W per hourDC charging works, tested with solar and in my car. Didn't write down wattage but it works.USB ports: Work fine, except USB-C is not powerful enough to power my 15w Pixel wireless charger, but I didn't expect it to, I do not think it's rated to do so. Works fine when I just plug in my AC to USB-C adapter into the AC ports.Not sure what else to add. Works as expected. Came with everything I needed to get it going off AC, DC or Solar and it works with all 3.Overall positive reaction.

8.The BRIDNA Portable Power Station is without a doubt one of the most useful devices in my kit. Nowadays, I prefer to work outside, whenever I can, to avoid crowding with my colleagues. I can run my laptop for days with this thing, and not even worry about charging. It charges my phone, and I even used it to run my mini air compressor to inflate a tire on my car. The versatility is what is so attractive to me. This device is also durable. I keep it in my backpack that has many things in it, and which it thrown into the back of my car with many things in it. No worries. The integrated flashlight is convenient to have as well, and throws a ton of light. The expense is worth the price for me - the portable power gives me the mobility that I need to stay productive and healthy.

9.Bought this for my CPAP while camping. It worked GREAT! I used my machine with everything on the 1st night and it used about 60% of the battery life. The next few nights I turned off the humidifier and tube heater, that made all the difference for keeping the battery life high, as I was able to get 2 full nights and about half a night on one charge. I love how lightweight this product is for traveling and the flashlight is nice as well. Overall really recommend based on my 1st use.. hope it lasts.

10.I bought this as a portable power station for camping. I'm really surprised it works so well! I did buy a 120 watt solar panel to connect it to this so I can be completely "off grid" but I can still enjoy the luxury of using some select electronics. Like, charging my GPS, our phones, and other smaller devices. I also love the light that it has on it. It comes in very useful and even has a SOS setting incase you become stranded and need to signal someone I guess. Overall, this solar generator was a great buy, and I'd highly recommend it, just as long as you can get by with staying under 300 watts.

BRIDNA Portable Power Station,Power Outdoor.