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Five solutions for power outdoor

Nowadays, in cities, people can easily enjoy the convenience by urban electricity. But now more and more people prefer outdoor sports and like to experience nature outdoors, but outdoor power has been a problem for explorer.With the advancement of science and technology, there are many ways to power outdoor.Today we will talk about outdoor power.

1.Diesel generator:

Diesel generators is not only a representative of earlier use of energy,but also the most important way of early outdoor power generation. This kind of equipment that relies on diesel to generate energy is also a step forward for energy applications. At the beginning, it also attracted widespread attention. Diesel generators can continuously generate energy and support the use of multiple scenarios. Then what are the advantages and disadvantages?

First of all, in terms of advantages, diesel engines have a high energy conversion rate, high thermal efficiency, and a wide range of applications. They can be driven only by diesel, and the threshold for use is low; and diesel generators are more reliable, durable, and have low failure when working. , Saving a lot of trouble in maintenance; good fireproof performance, safer to use; simple operation, convenient daily maintenance, saving a lot of maintenance costs.

The shortcomings of diesel generators, It is driven by diesel, so a large amount of high-temperature exhaust gas and smoke will be generated during use, which has a negative impact on the environment; secondly, diesel generators are particularly noisy; and finally , When the diesel generator is used in a place with extremely low temperature, it will be difficult to work and inconvenient to use.

However, diesel generators were also a good choice in the earlier outdoor electricity consumption, which could be separated from the electricity environment of the city, but this was not a very good solution to outdoor electricity consumption.

Lead-acid battery:

Next, I will introduce another energy product, its lead-acid battery. This is what we commonly call the battery, which can often be seen in daily life, and the range of conditions for use is also very wide. Lead-acid batteries can be seen in industry, agriculture, or on various vehicles. That's it. then what are the advantages and disadvantages of lead-acid batteries ?

The advantages of lead-acid batteries: First, the raw material capacity is obtained, and the price is relatively low, so it is also affordable to use; second, it has a good performance even the high-rate discharge; third, the probability of being affected by temperature is low. Working environment is -40~+60; fourthly, it is suitable for floating charging, with longer service life and no memory effect; finally, lead-acid used batteries are easy to recycle and have less impact on the environment, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

Everything has two sides. Now that we have finished talking about the advantages, let's look at the disadvantages of lead-acid batteries: First, the battery energy ratio is low, generally 30~40Wh/kg; second, there is still a certain gap between the service life and Cd/Ni batteries; Third, the manufacturing process is easy to pollute the environment, so it must be equipped with three-waste treatment equipment and a full range of treatment measures.

Photovoltaic power generation:

Energy conservation and environmental protection are now increasingly advocated. With the continuous development of the energy industry, photovoltaic power generation from solar cells has appeared in front of people. Due to the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation, it has developed rapidly, and more and more energy products are adopted. In addition to the photovoltaic charging form, what are the advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaic power generation of this solar panel?

Let me first talk about the advantages of photovoltaic power generation: first, there is no danger of exhaustion, relying on sunlight to obtain energy; second, it is safe and reliable, without any operational hazards, and there is no noise, no noise pollution, no pollution emissions, absolutely Clean; Third, it is not restricted by the geographical distribution of resources. As long as it is sunny and sunny, it can be charged at any time. It can take advantage of the advantages of building roofs, such as areas without electricity, and areas with complex terrain; Fourth, there is no need to consume fuel and erect power transmission The line can be used to generate electricity on-site, with low usage conditions and low threshold; finally, the construction period of solar panels is short, and the time it takes to obtain energy is short. And now it is very convenient to use solar panels for charging. The use conditions only require sufficient sunlight, which can be regarded as the most restrictive way to obtain energy.

After talking about the advantages, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of photovoltaic power generation: First, the energy density is low, the dispersion is large, and it is too much restricted by external conditions. Even if the sun is sufficient, the energy density projected on the solar panels is too low; second, Due to the low solar energy density, if you want to use solar panels to achieve the ideal charging power, it will make the photovoltaic power generation system occupy a large area; third, the conversion efficiency is low, the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic power generation refers to light energy The conversion rate into electric energy is restricted by various factors, and the current conversion rate is not yet ideal; fourthly, solar panels need direct sunlight to reach the boards to obtain energy and convert them into electric energy, so they can only generate electricity during the day. , It cannot be carried out at night, and if the solar panel cannot be used when it rains on a cloudy day, it is directly affected by the weather conditions; finally, the cost of solar panels is high, and the manufacturing process of crystalline silicon cells, the constituent elements of the solar panels, is highly polluting and high-energy. Consumption.


There are many ways to play outdoors, but the most chosen is the self-driving tour, because it is unfettered and relaxed, and the problem of electricity is naturally associated with the car. Since the battery on the car is used to solve the electricity problem Will choose to use inverters. The advantage is naturally convenience, which means that it is a bit of local materials, and directly use self-driving vehicles to achieve the purpose of outdoor electricity consumption. However, it is not suitable for long-term use. The various factors of the battery, the low conversion efficiency and high cost of the inverter, and the inverter cannot be separated from the car, and there is also the possibility of using up the battery of the car, resulting in failure to operate. The fire starts.

It is not a stable and long-lasting method to connect the car battery to the inverter as outdoor electricity. Long-term use will accelerate the aging of the battery, reduce the service life of the battery, and may damage the battery during the use of the inverter. Even if it causes danger to the users, obviously this is not a better solution for outdoor electricity use.

Portable Power Station:

Finally, the portable power station is currently one of the most common outdoor power storage devices. Since it is not normal to enjoy the convenience of electric energy in the city when outdoors, the portable power station is particularly important for explorer, so let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the portable power station.

Advantages of portable power station: In terms of carrying, most of the portable power station for outdoor use, such as BRIDNA, its portable with handles, which can be easy to carry. Secondly, there are multiple interfaces, AC output, USB output and car charger output etc,which is convenient for explorer to use in different scenarios, with more options, and more convenient to use; finally, the battery capacity is large, which can provide power support for multiple electric devices, and there is no worry about long-term battery life.

In recent years, the vocabulary of new energy has gradually appeared in people's field of vision, and has received widespread attention due to its low pollution characteristics. In the future, I believe that the use of new energy will become a trend. The high conversion rate and less pollution will attract more and more attention. The above introduces some advantages and disadvantages of outdoor energy use. Now it is similar to the outdoor energy use. The energy storage power supply, which is the same as the power supply, has been developed more maturely. It can achieve high storage power, portable, and it is very convenient whether it is for self-charging or outputting and discharging. It also takes into account a variety of output methods and fits current electronic devices, and supports fast charging output for mobile phones and other devices.

However, there is still a lot of room for development in the current energy sector. The major domestic energy manufacturers still have a lot of room for growth. The entire market needs more updates and developments. I believe there will be more and more in the future. The low-polluting energy products appear in front of consumers, so that everyone can use low-polluting energy products.