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Portable Lithium Power Station VS Portable Gasoline Generator

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Benefits of Portable Power Stations

1.What is a Portable Power Station? A portable power station is a battery-powered rechargeable generator. They will power up all kinds of gear from sm...

What are inverters and do I need them?

What are inverters and do I need them? Inverters turn the DC output collected from your solar panels into alternating current (AC), which is the stand...

How to Maintain Battery Life of Inverter system ?

When using Inverter power supply system, people tend to unilaterally believe that there is no need to maintain batteries. However, the data show that ...

Precautions for using the inverter

1.The DC voltage must be consistent Each inverter has a DC voltage value such as 12V, 24V, etc. It is required that the battery voltage selected must ...

Can a Modified Sine Wave Inverter Damage Electronics?

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Frequency FAQ of power inverter

As a beginner to the inverter, you may have a lot of questions about this product and how to choose it. Here are some frequency FAQ we have summarized...

Portable Power Station VS Gas Generators

Today let’s talk about portable lithium power station and gas generator which one is better for outdoor camping? And which one is more cost-effective...

Portable power station for outdoor travel and home

Portable power station , also called portable emergency power supply, outdoor power supply, etc.It can be defined many names according to different ap...

BRIDNA New Arrival PPS500-4 Solar Power Stations

An extraordinary amount of research, design, technology, and innovation goes into the creation of every product, from the earliest PCBA to the final p...

Why is it worth investing in a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

The power inverter is used to convert direct current into alternating current, thus enabling the use of mains-powered devices. It is perfect for vehic...

What is Portable Power Station?

A Portable power station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator,which built-in lithium ion battery and equipped with AC outlet, DC port and USB c...

About the self-discharge of portable power station’s lithium batteries

The consistency of the self-discharge is one of the important part of the effect factor,the SOC of battery with inconsistency self-discharge will have...

Learn more about portable power station

Portable Power Station built-in lithium-ion battery, which can store electric energy and has an AC output. It’s lightweight, high capacity, high powe...
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Frequently Asked Question for our solar power generators

Frequently Asked Question for our solar generators

Q1:Using the Wh to mAh conversion formula Q(mAh) = 1000xE(280Wh) / V(12), mAh only appears at 23333.33. This is less than 1/3 of your advertising capacity. Is my math wrong or is your battery capacity seriously lacking?

A:Our products lithium-ion battery pack is made up of 30 lithium batteries with the method of 3 series connection and 10 parallel connections.

So the formula is as following:

280WH=26AH*11.1V (3 string 10 parallel with 2600mAH 18650 batteries). The WH of the mobile power supply is based on the voltage of 3.7V. If it is calculated according to the voltage of 3.7V, then it is 2600MAH* 30 batteries = 78000MAH.

Q2:How long will it work at 85% load?

A:It depends on your device input voltage.This power station is 288wh battery capacity,please check your devices input voltage and current.

Q3:What kind of a “mini cooler”or“mini-fridge”could this unite power?

A:the solar generator AC continuous output is 300w and battery capacity is 288wh.It could power the device which power less than 300w and the time depends on the power of the fridge and the fridge compressor.Normally the power of the compressor is three times that of the fridge.

Q4:Can you use this battery to jump start your cars battery?

A:No,it could not be used to jump start car battery.

Q5:How long does it last on a single charge?

A:It will lasts about 2-3 month if you do not use it after a full charge.

Q6:Can you charge the battery using solar while charging your phone at the same time?

A:Yes,you can.

Q7:Will this be able to power up the router for accessing internet?

A:It can,but now how long it will run will depend upon the current draw of the router.

Q8:Does the battery user replacement?

A:No.it doesn’t.