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The efficiency conversion of pure sine wave inverter

how to choose the suitable inverter by analyzing the key information "Efficiency conversion" of the inverter.
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Why Choose Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter ?

pure sine wave inverter 220v

Let us first understand the basics before you choose an inverter for your specific requirement. You buy an inverter as a substitute for the grid power; when the power fails, you want the same kind of electric power to run your appliances. A pure sine-wave inverter supplies power that is of the same kind as that supplied by the grid. So, your reasons for choosing the right inverter would be:

  • Minimising power loss so that your electricity bill does not go up. Remember that inefficient power backup will impact your electricity bill. A pure sine-wave is the most efficient in the conversion of stored power (in batteries) to alternating current for your appliances.

  • Minimising the risk of damage to sensitive appliances that arises from modified sine-wave. This graphic representation (you need not spend too much time trying to understand it) of a pure sine wave—it is shown as a dark black line—shows you the smooth change-over.

  • In a sine wave, the voltage rises and falls with a smoothly changing phase angle and also changes its polarity instantly when it crosses 0 Volts. In a modified sine wave, the voltage rises and falls abruptly, the phase angle also changes abruptly, and it sits at 0 Volts for some time before changing its polarity. Thus, any device that uses a control circuitry that senses the phase (for voltage/speed control) or instantaneous zero voltage crossing (for timing control) will not work properly from a voltage that has a modified sine wave-form.

Advantages of sine-wave inverters for commercial establishments

  • The output wave-form is a sine-wave with very low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility-supplied electricity—essential for your expensive equipment.

  • Inductive loads like microwaves and motors run faster, quieter and cooler.

  • Pure sine-wave reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, fax, and answering machines. It prevents crashes in computers, weird print outs and glitches in computer monitors.

Imagine the impairment to performance, as well as customer dissatisfaction from the noisy, distorted running of sensitive appliances, which you could experience with the wrong choice.

For example, you would be well-advised to choose the STATIC range from Genus as the much superior alternative to any commercial UPS. The output power is the pure sine wave, purer than the power supplied from the grid, thereby ensuring the total safety of home and office appliances. Genus STATICA also possesses various modern features which ensure quiet, hassle-free performance for years, and substantially longer battery life. A much superior alternative to gensets, the Static UPS from Genus allows computers, sensitive equipment like air conditioners and other high load capacity appliances to function safely during power cuts.

For heavy-duty applications, Genus inverters are regulated and stabilized for Pure Sine Wave Output. This powerful machine is a complete power generation system that is suitable for all types of commercial establishments and is capable of running everything from lights to air conditioners and lifts to elevators, in a most cost-effective manner. It supplies pure power equivalent to the power supplied by the grid and is 100% safe to run the most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office equipment without pollution.

The seventh—and most significant—the reason is the total cost of ownership concept. This calls for calculating your savings in monthly electricity bills and adding the savings (over the medium to long term) in the replacement cost of expensive equipment. By now, you have understood the reasons why a pure sine-wave inverter protects equipment, thereby extending its life.

So, keep the above points in mind and choose carefully and wisely.