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1500w 12v 24v dc to ac 110v 220v 1500 watt true pure sine wave solar ups charger power inverter1500w 12v 24v dc to ac 110v 220v 1500 watt true pure sine wave solar ups charger power inverter1500w 12v 24v dc to ac 110v 220v 1500 watt true pure sine wave solar ups charger power inverter1500w 12v 24v dc to ac 110v 220v 1500 watt true pure sine wave solar ups charger power inverter1500w 12v 24v dc to ac 110v 220v 1500 watt true pure sine wave solar ups charger power inverter

1500w 12v 24v dc to ac 110v 220v 1500 watt true pure sine wave solar ups charger power inverter

  • Input voltage:DC11V-14V
  • Rated power:1500W
  • Overload protection:1800W±100W
  • Output voltage:AC110V/220V±10%
  • Output frequency:50HZ/60HZ±2HZ
  • Output waveform:Pure Sine Wave
  • Voltage THD:≤3%
  • Conversion efficiency:≥90%
  • Quiescent current:≤0.3mA
  • No-load current:≤3500mA

Product Overview:

Segre 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter takes 12/24 volt DC battery power and converts it to an exact replica of AC device. It is guarenteed to run any load within their wattage range. This off grid inverter has 3 US outlets and 5v 2.4A USB port,charge to your device with ease.

As long as the load is not greater then 1500 watt, this inverter will run it and surge to 3000 watt.


There are many advantages of our inverter compare with the traditional off grid inverter.

-High Conversion efficiency,more than 90%

- LCD display, input,output level& failure status

- Optional remote control interface

- Input polarity reverse/ under voltage/ over voltage protections

- Output short circuit /Overload/ Over temperature protections

- Capable of driving highly reactive and capactitive loads

- True 100% pure sine wave inverter

- Universal/EU/US/UK/AU type socket optional.


Type:DC/AC Inverters

Input voltage: DC12V/DC24V

Output voltage: AC110 ± 10%

On / Off grid: Off grid inverter

Related power: 1500W

Peak power: 3000W

Output waveform: Pure Sine Wave inverter


Conversion efficiency: ≥90%

USB output: 5V/2.4A Auto Max

AC outlet: Universal/EU/UK/AU type socket optional.

Shell Material: Aluminium alloy+ABS+PC

Size:329+34 (D) x 191(W) x 98(H)


In-car or On-boat Devices Series:

RV ,Military vehicle, police cars, medical ambulance, ships, traffic lights, and etc.

Power Tool Series:

Water pump,Electric saw, drilling machine, punching machines, air compressors etc.

Industry Equipment Series:  

Solar energy, wind power, gas discharge lamp and etc.

Household Appliance Devices:

Refrigerator,air condition,Micro-wave oven, induction cooker, ,Electric fans, vacuum cleanerand etc.

Office Equipment Series:   

Computer, printer, copier, scanner, digital camera and etc.

Company Profile:


Shenzhen Segre Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 2007, is a professional leading manufacturer engaged in Power Inverters and Solar Generators.

We have obtained ISO9001 certification system, exclusive patented technology,CE,Rohs,FCC,SAA,PSE,ETL and several international certification.Professional engineer team and adequate productivity which make it possible for us to provide high quality and competitive products.We produce over 10 different kinds products for more than 50 countries, and enjoy high reputation among our customers all over the world.

Our vision is to make electricity more convenient in daily lifeOEM and ODM orders are available. We are looking forward to successful business relationship with new clients around the world in the nearest future.

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Shenzhen Segre Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86 13823602850

Contact Person:Jayne Zhu

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